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Dear Professor John George,
I wish to thank you for the generous time you gave to us (the Philippine group) during our MSK Ultrasound course. The following is my testimonial  and can be posted in your website.
Professor Dr. John George had taught me so much about early diagnosis of soft tissue rheumatism through the use of ultrasound. His lectures were easily understood because he made these very simple for us who are non-sonologists.  It's true, from my experience, clinical approach to diagnosing musculoskeletal problems sometimes is difficult. But with the help of ultrasound, differentiating the different problematic structures becomes so easy. Example, heel pain can be plantar fasciitis or a problem of flexor digitorum longus. On PE, both have tenderness on the heel. Ultrasound can detect which structure is problematic.
The experience I had during the hands on sessions gave me more confidence on the use of ultrasound for diagnosis. Shoulder it subdeltoid bursitis, impingement, calcific tendon, intrasubstance tendon tear, full thickness or partial tear,tendinitis or tendinosis??? Ultrasound can show the difference.
The video presentations of Dr. Daniel Makes complemented so well the lectures of Dr. John George. Visualizing the structures was so easy because of his videos.
Of course I won't forget the Indonesian hospitality. Everyone was so accommodating and helpful. Dr. Grace was our very patient guide inside and outside the classroom and around the wonderful Jakarta. She brought us closer to Indonesian culture. She introduced our group to different sotos...I love the soto ayam..very close to Filipino taste. I also love the quail eggs.
Thank you so much.
Dr. Melissa Untalan
Clinical Specialist in Rheumatology - A. Garcia Medical Center, Angeles City, Philippines
Clinical Specialist in Rheumatology - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Medical Center, City of San Fernando, Philippines


Dear Professor George and Dr Daniel Makes, 

I’ve learned a lot from this course, it’s really worth the trip. I started as knowing nothing about ultrasound, and now I’ve learned how a normal muscle and tendon looks like and to differentiate the different musculoskeletal disorders and most importantly techniques which we don’t get from books. The course is really intensive with so much guided hands-on.  Thank you for giving us this.
Respectfully yours,
Arlene Lim-Vitug, Consultant Rheumatologist
Sacred heart hospital and Bulacan medical center, City of Malolos, Bulacan PhilippinesOur Lady of Mercy General Hospital, Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines



I am happy to be part of the  recently concluded workshop and was able to finish it with flying colors.  It was a  worthwhile undertaking and  for a short period of time we were able to cover lots of topics.  What made it more interesting was that we were able to discover  pathologies among the participants with the guidance of our tutors, which  made us more confident in doing the scan where we were able to visualize musculoskeletal  changes related to a medical condition relevant to our practice.  Being a foreign delegate from the Philippines, our stay was made memorable by the hospitality and  graciousness  of the organizers.    Overall,  knowledge of anatomy is invaluable.   



Dorothy O. Dy Ching Bing, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Philippine General Hospital

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