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Testimonial from Dr Sivakumaran Karupayah who attended the latest MSK MRI and Ultrasound Course in July 2009 . He practises at a Private Radiology Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
Complex subject such as musculoskeletal imaging was made very simple in this course.The presentation and the ideas taught to us, opened our minds to the scope of musculoskeletal imaging especially the flexibility and accuracy of the ultrasound modality involving the joints.Definitely,this has tremendously improved my skill and my confidence level in my daily musculoskeletal practice.Thank you.
Dr Sivakumaran Karupayah
Testimonial from Dr Arlene Virtug who attended the MSK Ultrasound Course in 2009
I’ve learned a lot from this course, it’s really woth the trip. I started as knowing nothing about ultrasound, and now I’ve learned how a normal muscle and tendon looks like and to differentiate the different musculoskeletal disorders and most importantly techniques which we don’t get from books. The course is really intensive with so much guided hands-on.  Thank you Dr. for giving us this.
Respectfully yours,
Arlene Lim-Vitug
Philipines ( Rheumatologist)

 Dear Dr. Makes and Dr. John George,

Me and stephanie had a great time in jakarta.  We like to thank you for giving us a royal treatment. Everything went smooth.  It was a pleasant surprise.  The attendees/locals were all very nice to us.  They went out of their way to make conversations with me and stephanie.  It was a pleasant group.

Thank you for all the pearls we picked-up.  Me and stephane were saying that even after fellowship training (stephanie at San Diego, under Dr. Resnick and me at National University Hospital in Singapore, under Prof Wang and others) and 3-4 years of  reading MSK MRI and musculoskeletal imaging in general,  some things that we did not understand just fell into place and we finally understood them due to the method of teaching applied at this course !!  This is especially true with ultrasound.  The correlation with anatomy and the technique of doing MSK ultrasound suddenly became understandable and doable. I finally was also able to appreciate the value of ultrasound in superficial tendons and liagments versus MRI as repeatedly emphasized by Prof. Jon George. 

Prof Dr John George  taught things in a way that things were understood and retained.  I should also say the same for Dr. Paulos.   He also contributed a lot of  pearls in MSK MRI and ultrasound. 

I think the strengths of the course are the following:

1)  excellent and qualified instructors.
2)  real MRI and ultrasound cases with interactive discussion with the delegates.
3)  hands on ultrasound training
4  the use of individual laptops facilitating better appreciation of the  digital images.
5)  small group facilitating a more personalized approach

We advise that for the course cater to teach more MSK MRI anatomy(*please note below) so that the pathology will be easier to understand for general radiologists with little background in seeing anatomy .

But for us, the course was truly worth it.

 Dr Melodia Geslani

Consultant Radiologist

Manila , Phillipines.

 ( *Note from Prof George -  we have taken the advice and if you have little MRI anatomy experience we will teach you solid MRI anatomy through pre conference and during conference materials.  ) .  You can see that the Indonesians with little or no experience in MSK MRI anatomy have very high praise for our teaching of MRI anatomy so dont be afraid , come and learn even if your MRI anatomy is not very good at the moment.



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Read this link above and you will understand why you  should not be left behind by not knowing how to do Musculoskeletal Ultrasound ? At the same time learn to report Musculoskeletal MRI instead of being afraid everytime you see a joint MRI and wish someone else would report it.  The study found that 45.4% of primary diagnoses and 30.6% of primary and secondary diagnoses could have been made by ultrasound without the use of MRI .  And ultrasound is found everywhere compared to MRI .

We are not shy to say we run the best "small group" personalised course in Asia and the comments of our participants testify to this? 15-20 participants per course only .  5 participants per machine and very experienced tutors during hundreds of cases per year THEMSELVES not their sonographers.
With limited places at each course ,  please put your name on the waiting list for the next course by emailing our Course Director Prof John George at if you notice a course is full.
See you at one of our courses in Asia or maybe you would like to work with us in running a course with our event manager in your country ?  Our event manager will contact you  .
You can be our local coordinator but our event manager who has offices throughout Asia will take care of all the logistics , collect payments , venue etc.   You only need to ensure we have at least 15 participants per course and the course fees are listed on our website based on our Indonesian course
All the best and see you at one of our courses .
John George FRCR
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