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PLEASE EMAIL for the  Index of Contents and Programme for the 35 hour plus  3 hour homework MSK MRI and Ultrasound Course held every year in March in Penang and July in Jakarta  and  21 hour  MSK ultrasound course to held this year in October and next year in April .
Please read all the blogs for more details and especially read the outstanding testimonials and book a place on our course.
Course fee for Penang 2011 is likely to be US 1195 for  USA , Europe and Middle Eastern based participants ( place of work currently) and US 995 for all others .
Course fee for July 2010 MSK MRI and Ultrasound course in Jakarta  is currently US 775.00 for all International .  Local Indonesians need to contact Dr Daniel at PUSKI for the local rate.
Course fee for MSK ultrasound for physicians is US 625.00 for International and local Indonesians need to contact PUSKI for local rate.
Please note the above fee includes all bank charges and materials worth about US 150.00 to US 200 depending on the course .  This covers Intellectual property fee to be paid to those to whom the materials is purchased , book , book chapter ,  articles in MRI and Ultrasound written by our lecturers and others ,  gold medal winning meniscal tear software , powerpoint photoprint notes which cost a fortune to print and actual powerpoints delivered internationally by our speakers which you can adapt to give CME talks at your institution .
Video MRI homework with answers are also given as part of the course materials for you to take home and revise after the course.
So please book into one of the courses for this year or next year and if you have any questions please email the Course Director on
Course organisers
MSK MRI and Ultrasound courses South East Asia .
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SIEMENS Medical systems Asia Pacific has recognised the  MSK MRI and Ultrasound programme for training of its customers as of May 2010 .   Siemens Phillipines is leading the way  in  sending two radiologists  to the Jakarta  MSK MRI and Ultrasound Course from July 14-17th 2010 .  
The course was selected after searching throughout Asia for the most intensive course which would give most value to its customers for a four to five day training period.  Siemens HR were most impressed by the testimonials of those who had previously attended Penang 2010 MSK MRI and Ultrasound Course and found the course registration fee to be very reasonable considering the huge amount of teaching and resources provided in just 29  hours of training and 3 hours of homework for 2010 and even slightly more for 2011 to cover MRI of the hip joint and show more MRI ankle and wrist cases.   The Jakarta course having the same syllabus therefore was considered appropriate and best value and training for the limited budget and training time allocated by Siemens .
Congratulations to the two radiologists from Phillipines  and we hope that more companies will find our course suitable for training of its radiologists offered after sales training .    We hope more radiologists will select training at our course as part of the after purchase equipment training in MRI and Ultrasound and ask companies to sponsor you to our courses in Jakarta and Penang.
Course Directors
MSK MRI and ULtrasound Courses .
msk.rad@gmail.comfor enquiries.
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Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine
(Asian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology only given to best quality courses in Asia their certification  after thorough review of course content and testimonials from previous courses)
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course -   21 hours of CME  Thursday 8am - Saturday 3pm . April 2011 .
Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound 2010 July (Jakarta) (31 hours) and  Penang 2011 ( March 23-26th 2011) Wed to Saturday -  35hours -lectures and demonstration - 3 hours of homework. ( 4 full days Wed 8am to Saturday 6pm ) . 4 full days including US 200 materials but not including accomodation.
Certification by Medical Progress Institute of Great Britain ( only given to best quality courses in Asia after thorough review and testimonials from previous courses)
Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound 2011 -  35 hours -lectures and demonstration - 3 hours of homework.
Estimated cost including US 200 of useful take home materials including my textbook , book chapter, software that is 92% in detecting meniscal tears as used by a medical student and winning Gold Medal in ALL MALAYSIA University competition.
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