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Contact Professor Dr John George for a place on the course at . Flyers, programme and registration form can be downloaded from

Simply Great.
the MSK US & MRI course held in penang/ malaysia, organized by Prof John George,was great as far as the content, duration, exprience & way of teaching is concerned.Prof J George himself is very humble & cool, he tried his best to teach us in a very smooth & academic way.I have never attended such a good knowledgeable & extensive course of MSK radiology. We were three from Pakistan, who attended the course.This is true that course was really above our expectation.There were MSK teachers from four different countries, like Dr James from Australia, Dr Tony from Singapore, Dr Daniel from Indonesia & Dr Nazrilla from malaysia, but the whole story rotated around respectful Prof, J George. He taught us in a very practical way how to incorporate the radiological findings with clinical signs & symptoms.I would strongly recommend my colleagues to attend this course next year in 2013. At last not the least, Malaysia itself a very beautiful country to visit.We enjoyed there alot, visited Langkawi, Penang & Kuala Lumpur. I am very thankful to Prof.George for his kind response to us from beginning of registration till the end of course to teach the Basic MRI anatomy and common pathology encountered by running through actual complete MRI video sets.  A 4 GB pen drive contains his e-books and materials to cover what cannot be covered in the course due to time constraint.


I was amongst the last people to register for the course in the 2012 MSK course at Penang. After attending the course I feel it was a very good decision on my behalf to be a part of it. Dr.John George is extremely dedicated to the course and is passionate to MSK radiology. I am sure i could not have had such good guidanance elsewhere. I had felt a deep affinity to msk radiology since over two years and attending this course definitely gave me a boost. Dr John manages to get the best in MSK radiology at the course. The course material given to the delegates was extremely good. Overall i also had a good time meeting radiologists from around the world and enjoyed exploring Penang. I would definitely recommend the course to radiologists interested in msk radiology.

Dr Vivek Gupta, India

FLYERS , PROGRAMME AND REGISTRATION FORMS FOR MARCH 20th to 23rd 2013 Radiologists Course and March 24th and 25th 2013 Physicians and Sonographers Course is  AVAILABLE TO PRINT FROM THE LINK and choose Penang 2013  or email me on if link is not available for the   foreword explaining the course , forms and hotel rates etc.   For fees in US dollars rate is  1 US =3.0 Ringgit Malaysia  or GLOBAL subsidy  if you need a subsidy please contact .   Those of you who can afford it or Institution is paying please do not ask for subsidy as we have 1 Musculoskeletal Radiologists being brought in for each 5/6 delegates.   This ratio and one day for knee and one day for shoulder and half days for each other joints is rarely found in any course in the world. Next year Prof Jeffrey Peterson from Mayo will be coming as well and he is expert at the anatomy teaching and will show some superb cases as well alternately with Prof George during the Interactive MRI video sessions which is one of the highlights of the course  .   The MRI complete video of cases are pre-selected from years of  MRI study which bring home the points in the lectures , the same day of the lectures. 
Please note you will be shocked to know on average no matter where you are trained in Asia most Radiologists get only 50-60% accuracy on the Homework MRI cases given each day.  Dont believe it . Come and see for yourself and be astounded at what 90% of Asian radiologists miss or have problems with interpretation like partial ACL tear, relevance of a meniscal tear etc etc. 

1 US dollar = 3.00 ringgit  -   so  registration is about US 1000.00 for four intensive days at  this  beach hotel resort in Penang.   Combine a holiday with your trip by extending for a few days to get some rest after the tough course. 
Forms are available through the link  on the left  of this website under JG CV and Courses and then under Penang 2013 or email for the forms. 

PRINT, FILL IN LEGIBLY ,  SCAN and SEND TO and apply for a place in Penang 2013 Radiologists only 20-23rd March 2013  or Physicians Course March 24th and 25th 2013. Prof George will then confirm if you have a place and the amount due  in US dollars . 
{PRE REGISTER with Prof George who has a quota for each country  immediately if you want a seat on the this proven course on  MSK MRI and Ultrasound Course in March  20th to 23th 2013 at the same wonderful venue in Penang.  Email Prof George at and you must get a confirmation letter from us after paying for the course anytime from now to last date of payment Oct 7th  2012 .
Julia Anne
Event Coordinator
Global Futuristic Management Services .

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