Global Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound Courses 2015/2016 New website
Contact Professor Dr John George for a place on the course at . Flyers, programme and registration form can be downloaded from
1.   Prof George has now got videos of his own technique for doing MSK ultrasound done by himself at the Sports Council of Malaysia which are linked to his powerpoint lectures and will also be left to run in repeat mode during the ultrasound training session for those who want to review the technique during the hands on session .  So you can now watch and perform .
2. Prof George has carefully selects cases which demonstrates which covers all the basics and most importantly commonly missed pathology by general radiologists reporting MSK MRI and also pathological appearances on MSK ultrasound . For Penang 2012 -the a selection of the best cases that show the teaching points for each pathology will be made.  The new feature is that the actual MRI video is now shown immediately with the lectures so that actual cases  relevant part the lecture are shown  instead of static images only eg actual MRI video cases demonstrating the teaching point eg bucket handle tear of the medial mensicus or  anterolateral meniscocapsular tear of the knee will be shown .
These two additional features will  enhance the learning methodology and be very useful to all delegates when they attempt the homework MRI each day for one hour with their colleagues or alone. The best part is the cost of the course has not increased since 2010. This is due to the fact our company charges very reasonable rates to Prof George and his team to run the Penang course.   Why not ask us to run this course in your country .  We will let you know how much it will cost you to bring Prof Georges team to your country . 
We applaud Prof George who constantly updates his teaching method and materials to make this one of the best Musculoskeletal Courses in Asia if not the World .
Prof George has personally reported more than 8000 MSK MRI since 1996  and done more than 6000 MSK Ultrasound by himself and he does not use sonographers so he is able to teach you many tricks of the trade  for accurate reporting of MSK MRI and how MRI reporting in Asians differs from reporting of larger caucasian individuals .   Research work done at University of Malaya Medical Centre has yielded many new facts regarding how to make interpretations easier including mathematical models like the Gold Medal Winning "Meniscal Calculator" which can help you not to miss the fragmented meniscal tears which are missed at least 40% of the time in his experience by General Radiologists.  Why Asians often have only one bowtie on the medial sagittal slices of the knee which varies from European text books.  How to use the axial images to solve the ACL partial or complete tear issue and many more problems you encounter from day to day.
So why not pre -register with Prof George at  NOW before all seats are taken for Penang 2013 for your quota  .   IT COST YOU NOTHING NOW TO PRE_REGISTER BUT YOU HAVE TO BE 95% SURE OF ATTENDING.  There is quota of seats for different groups and the different groups are identified in the FEES FOR 2013 SECTION IN ANOTHER BLOG.  Mostly from past experience it is better to register early and not have to wait two years for the next course as they were surprised that the course had full quota for their region well in advance of the course and they had been waitlisted which meant they could not buy the discounted airfares offered to KL being promoted in their countries which would have saved them hundreds of dollars. 
If you are still interested in Penang 2012 Radiology course there may be one or two places available if the Ministry of Health quota is not filled.
Ms Jocelyn
Global Futuristic Management Services
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Testimonial from Senior Government Radiologist from Iraq who attended the Radiology Course who has attended many courses worldwide
I thought that the course was great.  I honestly thought it was the best course I have been to in a long time. One Million thanks to Prof. John , A Great lecturer & kind trainer . I love the way he taught us & guiding the proper way through exact MSK ultrasound examinations , teaching us his experience & spreading out all his pearls that we happily collect them with fine care & pride , the assistance course materials was so rich including the fascinating printed out books , very nice collection of Dr. John's e-books , patient MRI videos that we learn a lot from them searching for the findings & listening to his analysis & interpretation , he change our way in reading MRI films that we were previously done with a lot of hesitance especially for those related to the ankle & wrist (At least personally for me) . The lectures was great & better than anyone you have ever had .

Ali N. AL Nuaimi , MD
Diagnostic Imaging Specialist ,

Doppler Ultrasound Unit Director ,
Medical Imaging Department  ,
AL-Salaam Teaching Hospital ,
Mob : +9647701604455
Download your forms here:
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University of Malaya has a charge of RM 950 for the first month and then RM 850 for each subsequent month for the Clinical Attachment . You dont need Temporary Practicing Certificate if you are just learning ultrasound .  You will get lots of hands on supervision.  
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Ms Jocelyn
Global Futuristic Management Services
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This is to announce that  pre -registrations are now being taken for the  Penang Radiology and Physicians Courses in Penang for March 2013 .  
International Intensive Hands on Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound  Penang Course 2013 is tentatively on from March 20th to 23rd 2013 and
International Hands on Physicians MSK Ultrasound and Basic MRI anatomy course is tentatively on from 24th to 25th March 2013
PRINT, FILL IN and SCAN and SEND TO and apply for a place in Penang 2013 Radiologists only 20-23rd March 2013  or Physicians Course March 24th and 25th 2013.
Please note the strength of this course is the total integration of  experience of the lecturers with thousands of MSK MRI and ultrasound reports directly done by themselves and knowledge of the common problems that lead to inaccurate MRI reports and how to address it.
Testimonials are in the rest of the blogs and speak for themselves on the high quality of the course
Short term attachments at University  of Malaya are also provided after the course or for those who have attended the course .  
Accomodation and car rental package is provided by our company for a minimum three month attachment following the course from April 1st 2013 under Prof George at the University of Malaya Medical Centre. University of Malaya is currently ranked 167 of 3000 in Times Ranking system .  
Only one apartment is available and can be shared as there are three rooms . Your family and friends can come to Malaysia and stay at the apartment while you are here but maximum 5 persons at anyone time and you should inform us.  Security deposit instead of 3 months is only one month US 500.00 returnable after utilities bill and professional cleaning charges are deducted at the end of the stay and of course any damages which are unlikely if you take care of the flat.
See you in Penang in 2013 . Please email me for the flyer , programme and registration form.  You only need to  pay in October 2012 but can choose to pay earlier if you feel the US dollar is going to drop in value.  Also please send me your CV and state your current position and place of work as you may be entitled to discounts. 
Global Futuristic Management Services
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