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I have been appointed Associate Radiologist for the National Sports Institute since 1998 and have scanned and read MRI of more than 1000 athletes during this time .  I do all these scans myself at the Sports Institute once a week .   Major decisions like the one below(see newspaper report below)  are made after my reports are read by the physicians to depend on me to give them accurate Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound reports. We also have reduced the MRI referral by about 20% with more accurate MSK ultrasound for superficial structures.
A few of us like minded MSK radiologists  aim is to multiply MSK MRI reporting accuracy and performance of MSK ultrasound  throughout Asia and  had suggested to the Asian Musculoskeletal Society to work with National Societies or individuals  to run intensive courses by AMS lecturers in Asia and run courses by our own home grown Asian experts in every country to raise the skills of Musculoskeletal Radiology in Asia. However the Asian Musculoskeletal Society was reluctant to work with individuals to run the courses in each country .  The Asian Musculoskeletal Society however does do a good job organising an annual meeting in a different country in Asia every year which you should attend.
So this Asian MSK training course  in Jakarta is the beginning of the vision of a few of us members of AMS to organise high level intensive courses  for Asian radiologists with our own contacts and companies /societies .

We are going to run these courses with the help of some companies who have offices in major capital cities in Asia and we want to focus on developing countries.
If you are interested to be the local radiologist who will work with the company to organise courses in your country , please email me and the company will contact you and liase with you to become the local organising Chairperson and help to organise this course for your colleagues in your country .  All we ask is that 4-6 places be reserved for overseas participants at each course so that they can learn and take these skills back to their countries .  
Please subscribe to our  Asian  Vision of  the few of us who genuinely want to do something for Asian Musculoskeletal Radiology .  See you in Jakarta .  It is the probably the best Musculoskeletal Imaging course in Asia and probably the world (from personal experience attending many courses- see my CV and presentations) in terms of course programme, course direction , unique teaching approach , homework, workbooks to be completed and actual video file reporting.  I have trained all over the world and realise how Radiologists learn and retain information and the result is the fantastic comments you can read on this website from those who have attended , including those for whom English is not their first language. 
When you are fully trained , you can bring us into your country and be a local speaker and trainer with us in your own country and be responsible for raising the standard of Musculoskeletal Radiology in your country.
If you are interested in bringing this course to your country , we have a  medical company willing to help you organise this meeting in a capital or resort city in your country . 
Yours sincerely
John George
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